Friday, Feb. 28 -- 8 pm
Saturday, March 1 -- 8 pm
Sunday, March 2 -- 2 pm
Thursday, March 6 -- 8 pm
Friday, March 7 -- 8 pm
Saturday, March 8 -- 8 pm
Sunday, March 9 -- 2 pm


Danny Hooper : Alex Weaver
Lizzie Fields : Kate Hein
Alan McNalley : Steve Sturgis
Arlene McNalley : Roxanne Wolgemuth
Pam Sakarian : Liz Boyer
Nick Sakarian : Philip Narsh


Niki Swatski
Jacquee Johnson
Christy Naples
Linda Boozer
Beth Sturgis
Darlene Hein
James Strickler
Jason Genise-Gdula
Kyle McCleary


Director : Jim Johnson
Musical Director : Steve Hassinger
Choreographer : Oscar Restrepo, Pam Bucher
Costume Design : Jacqueé Johnson

Music by David Shire
Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Book by Sybille Pearson

Two Acts, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Rated PG

Is there anything more exciting, frightening and utterly transformational than impending parenthood?

BABY, the musical from acclaimed duo Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire, examines how parents-to-be experience the emotional stresses and triumphs, as well as the desperate lows and the comic highs, that accompany the anticipation and arrival of a baby.

BABY tells the story of three couples on a university campus as they deal with the painful, rewarding and agonizingly funny consequences of this universal experience. There are the college students, barely at the beginning of their adult lives; the thirty-somethings, having trouble conceiving but determined to try; and the middle aged parents, looking forward to seeing their last child graduate from college when a night of unexpected passion lands them back where they started.

*Story summary by MTI Music Theatre International.