That Championship Season


February 22 - March 3, 2013


Tom Daley : Jason Genise-Gdula
George Sikowski : Bruce Weaver
James Daley : Scott Schmittel
Phil Ramano : Brent Richards
Coach : Larry Gessler


Director : Jim Johnson
Stage Manager : Jordyn McCrady
Assistant Stage Manager : Matt Brallier, Aiden Thomas
Technical Director : Tyler Hoffman
Costume Design : Jacqueé Johnson
House Manager : Amy Hoffman
Box Office Manager : Linda Boozer, Amy Hoffman
Set and Lighting Design : Spire Lighting Design, LLC


That Championship Season

by Jason Miller

Following their annual custom, five men—a high-school basketball coach, now retired, and four members of the team that he guided to the state championship twenty years earlier—meet for a reunion. The occasion begins in a light-hearted mood but gradually, as the pathos and desperation of their present lives are exposed and illuminated, the play takes on a rich power of rare dimension. One former player is now the inept mayor of the town—and facing a strong challenge for re-election. Another, the frustrated principal of the local high school, is his ambitious campaign manager. A third, now a successful (and destructive) businessman, is wavering in his financial support of the mayor. While the fourth is a witty, but despairing alcoholic. As the evening progresses all that these men were—and have become—is revealed and examined with biting humor and saving compassion. In the end self-preservation, abetted by the unconscious cynicism and bigotry of their coach, draws them together. But they are lost, morally bankrupt men holding onto fraudulent dreams that have poisoned their present lives and robbed them of the future that was once so rich in promise.

*Story summary by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.