The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


December 9-12, 2010


Estate of Harry and Betty Pittenturf


Bob Bradley (Father) : Matt Homsher
Grace Bradley (Mother) : Jacquee Johnson
Beth Bradley : Aiden Thomas
Charlie Bradley : Eoin Cushey
Ralph Herdman : Rod Saatman
Imogene Herdman : Averi Ryner
Leroy Herdman : Riley Homsher
Claude Herdman : Tanner Bowers
Ollie Herdman : Ian Buchmoyer
Gladys Herdman : Niamh Cushey
Alice Wendleken : Gretchen Enterline
Mrs. Armstrong : Linda Boozer
Mrs. Slocum : Ellie Heller
Mrs. Clark : Cari Walker
Mrs. Clausing : Mary Jo Hughes
Mrs. McCarthy : Eileen Cushey
Maxine : Joanna Harlacher
Elmer : Matthew Morrow
Hobie : Hetta Saatman
David : Nick Roden
Beverly : TBA
Shirley : Kacy Harttman
Juanita : Linda Homsher
Doris : Cayla Homsher
Reverend Hopkins : Jim Strickler
Angel Choir Members and Shepherds : Kasey Buchmoyer, Drew Easteadt, Alexis Hall, James Landis, John Landis, Jared Mackison, Catherine Moran, Milligan Straub


Director : Jason Spickler and Niki Swatski
Scenic Design : Jason Spickler
Costume Design : Jacquee Johnson
Box Office Manager : Chrissy Buchmoyer
Properties : Kara Hartman
Technical Director : Andrew Miller
Stage Crew Captain : Barb Green
Lighting Design : Jim Shomo
Technology Specialist : Stephen Bair

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Based on a book by Barbara Robinson

"The Herdmans were the worst kids in the whole history of the world." So begins one of the most popular books ever written. The Christmas pageant director breaks her leg, and volunteer Grace Bradley finds herself directing the show. The Herdmans show up to audition after they hear that all the kids in the pageant get candy at rehearsal. Grace is forced to cast the Herdmans in leading roles. Chaos ensues, and the resolution that follows makes for one of the most hilarious and touching experiences you'll ever have in the theatre. The pageant that should be doomed to failure becomes a rich story about the human spirit and the ability in times of crisis to become bigger and better than we think we are.

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