HAPPENING NOW:  Auditions for our Grand Summer Theatre production of Children of Eden.

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Children of

Director Jim Johnson, Sharon Boyer (Musical Director), and Melissa Goodling (Choreographer) are looking for a tight adult ensemble cast of 20-25 energetic and versatile performers (ages 17 and up), and a Children’s Ensemble of 12 (ages 5-16). Unless noted due to script requirements, actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and disabilities will be fully and fairly considered for all roles and are encouraged to audition! 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Wolf’s extended Stay at Home Order, the up-coming auditions for Children of Eden will now be held online through the comfort of your own home! Although future developments are unknown at this date, we are optimistically and fervently working toward our Grand Summer Theatre production of Children of Eden, scheduled to run July 24-August 9, 2020.
The online audition process is simple – you can complete an audition form and upload your audition video right from your phone or computer!

Video submissions for both adults and children can be submitted starting Wednesday, April 1 through Monday, April 20th. Call backs and final casting will be at a time and place to be determined; as our current restriction warrants.



For the fourth production of our 2020 Season, we are looking to fill all roles available; no roles have been precast. Although future developments of the COVID-19 pandemic are unknown at this date, we are optimistically and fervently working toward our Grand Summer Theatre production of Children of Eden, scheduled to run July 24-August 9, 2020.


Director: Jim Johnson
Music Director: Sharon Boyer
Choreographer:  Melissa Gooding


When: Online auditions will be accepted from Wednesday, April 1 through Monday, April 20th, 2020.

Where: Virtually from your living room (or any room in your home)!


Please prepare 16-32 measures of a song which showcases your strengths as a vocalist. You may sing acapella, with accompaniment, or with a track. 

Headshots/resumes are recommended but not required.


July 24, 25, 26
July 30, 31 & August 1, 2
August 7, 8, 9


The online audition process is simple, and you can complete an audition form, upload a resume and your audition video right from your phone or computer! Click the link below to start the audition process online!




This is a true ensemble show. All performers except for “Father” will be featured throughout as Storytellers and need to be able to sing and move well. A willingness to experiment creatively is a must. This production will be interpretive and surreal for those performers seeking a unique and rewarding challenge. All Principal and Chorus roles will be understudied.

Father (Male, 35-65):
An older looking, impressive man. A true father figure, he wants the best for all of his children but parents with a firm hand. Protective, loving, and reminiscent of God. Vocal range top: G3-A5

Adam / Noah (Male, 25-30): Adam is Eve’s bright and childlike partner. He is initially devout to Father and loving to his wife & children. Later plagued by guilt. Hard-working and reserved. Noah is rough but simple. He is unsophisticated and shrewd, but also warm and loyal. He builds the ark to save his family and honor Father. Vocal range top: A3-A5

Eve / Mama (Female, 25-35): Eve is curious and questioning, smart and excited. Chose an imperfect life of knowledge over a perfect life of innocence. Mama is Noah’s wife and inherently motherly. She possesses a gentle strength, is reassuring, and serves as the mediator of the family. Vocal range: G3-A5

Cain / Japheth (Male, 18-25): Cain is Abel’s older, adventurous brother. Follows in his mother’s footsteps and longs for the companionship of other humans. He is strong, stubborn, and independent. Japeth is in love with Yonah and is willing to sacrifice his life to be with her. He is Noah’s youngest son. Clever, rebellious, stubborn. Vocal range: B3-A5

Abel / Ham (Male, 18-30): Abel is Cain’s younger and more conservative brother who follows the “rules”. He chooses his parents over Cain. Ham is Japeth’s middle brother and Aphra’s husband. He is not as docile as Japheth, nor as hot headed as Shem. Looks up to and follows Shem’s lead. Vocal range: B3-G5

Yonah (Female, 18-30): Noah’s servant who falls in love with Japheth and becomes his wife. A descendant of Cain. She is strong, yet humble, kind, and smart. Vocal range: G3-G5

Seth/Shem (Male, 20-30): Seth is Adam and Eve’s third son and their family’s second chance at life. He is innocently adventurous. Shem is the oldest of Noah’s three sons. Married to Aysha, he is impulsive, strong, and hot-tempered. Vocal range: B3-E5

Aphra (Female, 20-30): Ham’s pregnant wife. Longs for the flood to be over and is constantly worrying. Vocal range: B3-E5

Aysha (Female, 20-30): Shem’s wife. Cynically bitter and constantly accusing those aboard the ark. Vocal range: B3-E5

Storytellers (all ages and genders): multiple soloists and featured dancers will be selected from the Storytellers