Brand Guidelines

As a general rule, third parties may not use the Susquehanna Stage Co. logo ("logo"). On this page are the limited circumstances under which third parties may use the Susquehanna Stage Co. logo. The logo must always be used pursuant to the specifications on this page to identify Susquehanna Stage Company, Inc., or Susquehanna Stage Co. productions or events. Any use that falls outside of these specifications is strictly prohibited.

Use of the logos implies that they will not be manipulated in design or layout in order to maintain the Susquehanna Stage Co. brand.

Third parties may only use the logo without concent only under the following limited circumstances:
In advertising, marketing collateral, or a website that references your connection with Susquehanna Stage Co.

The following guidelines must be followed for all use of the logo:

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Logo with Tagline

To be used in all mediums.

Download Large (6704x2256, high-resolution print)

Download Small (392x140, digital)

High-Resolution Print (300dpi, apparel, signs, printing company)

Logo with White Text

To be used on dark backgrounds on digital mediums.

Download Small (622x191, digital)

Standalone Icon

To be used sparingly, but in some circumstances called into use.

Download Small (31x37, digital)

Download Large (410x494, digital, print)

Logo without Tagline

To be used in rare circumstances. The tagline should be present in all publications except where expressly permitted.

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